The Celtic Mercury - Why Can'T Everything Orange Be Hanmer?


France's countryside

I've been in France a couple of times on vacation before. It's a really nice country. It's a famous one to. The capital city Paris is especially famous since it's got the eifeltower and other stuff. I've actually been up in the eifeltower once. But this time howerver I would like to be somewhere outside of the bg cities. I would like to see more of France than just the huge streets and buildings. I would like to see some of the countryside as well. So this time I'm going on a holiday in Brittany

My own castle

I've always wanted my own manor. Imagine to have a whole manor to yourself! That would be really cool. But I can't afford a manor right now since I haven't even graduated from school yet. I will graduate within a couple of weeks though which will be awesome. But I've heard that you can rent a chateau in Brittany. That would be so cool! I'm thinking of taking some friends and rent one. Imagine all the fun we would have. A castle of our own! There would be so much to do. But that will have to wait until ...

a long journey

Half an hour ago I spoke my husband. He is on his way to travel back to Sweden. He will travel by car and behind the car there is a trailer with an inflatable motor boat. This combination is not allowed to drive faster than 80 kilometers an hour. The journey will take a lot of more hours than we are used to drive when we go by car. He also has to drive all by himself and therefore he booked a hotel half way for some rest. That is a good decision; I don’t like the thought that like ...